• Scientific objectives

    An increasing number of application areas require the processing of massive datasets. These data can
    often be represented by graphs in order to encode complex interactions. When data vectors are associated
    with graph vertices or edges, a so-called graph signal is obtained. Processing such graph signals includes
    several open challenges because of the nature of the involved information. Indeed the combination of
    graph theory and signal / image processing methodologies has not been studied as much as it should.
    On the one hand, new development are needed in order to allow classical signal processing methods to
    work on irregular grids and non Euclidean spaces. On the other hand, considering the significant success
    of classical signal processing tools, it appears highly desirable to generalize their use to graph signals.

  • Tutorial objectives

    The summer school will be dedicated to young researchers (inculding PhD students) working at the interface of the three topics covered within the shool: signal and image processing, graph modelling and neuroimagery and willing to deal with this interdiscplinary challenges in depth. In comparison to classic lectures given within universities, this school will feature cross topic lectures highlighting the necessity to learn different topics at the same time.  This summer school will gather together experts in theory and modelling to facilitate the contacts between students and experts of such various fields. By attending this summer school, participants will develop necessary interdisplinary skills in order to propose efficient methodology to be applied to graph signal processing. 

  • Practical organisation

    The shool will be developped along two main topics. The first topic will deal with representations and transformation on graphs. The problems of the identification of the graph and the definition of transformations on graphs will be presented. The second topic will consist in lectures on variational probels on graphs. Introductory courses will be proposed to the participants dealing particularly on the main two topics. Short courses will be dedicated to in-depth session concerning applied topics. Tutorials will be proposed to be able to directly apply the new knowledge on real exaamples.

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